SCAD Painting Department Travels to NYC

Students were able to go on a 3 day excursion to New York City this past weekend on a SCAD-sponsored event to visit Frieze New York 2016 and  NADA New York 2016, among other artistic events. The cultural education and international industry networking received by these Graduate and Undergraduate Painting students will their work and careers as they proceed towards graduation.

SCAD Student NYC Trip Blog - By Kira Milligan

SCAD Painting Department Blog - NYC Trip Post


NADA Art Fair

Pictured is SCAD painting undergraduate student Hannah Breshears with a painting by Donna Huanca of the Peres Projects, Berlin at the Frieze Art Fair in New York City.

Students were able to see work by acclaimed artists such as Mickalene Thomas, Lisa Yuskavage, and SCAD alum Summer Wheat at the Friezr and Nada art fairs this weekend.